Kambodsja – Marionette You Are Mine

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Kambodsja - Marionette You Are Mine cover

Track list:

  1. Cojack 0:52
  2. Helllvetikke 3:33
  3. Baby Knock ‘em Dead 3:17
  4. Mysoline 2:01
  5. Strange Habits From Training 5:27
  6. Marionette You Are Mine 3:30
  7. Not All Evil Robots Are Murderers 3:23
  8. Great Grin 2:46
  9. Without Me You’re Nothing 8:00


August 27th 2007


Norway Rat (Norway), Lazy Acre Records (UK)

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Baard Bøhlum: Guitar, Vocals
Tom Byermoen: Drums
Jørgen Thorbjørnsen: Bass, Vocals

Produced by:

Erik Rasmussen and Kambodsja

Mixed and mastered by:

Baard Bøhlum/Kambodsja


Tom Byermoen

Press release:

Ladies And Gentle Women,
We Hereby Present You The Deepest Stabbing Record Of The Year:
KAMBODSJA - Marionette You Are Mine

Dig Out Your Razors, Because You Will Be Stoked, Then Provoked. You Will Probably Hit The Floor. This Norwegian, Progressive Hardcore Band KAMBODSJA Is A Rough Rocking Pearl With A Metal Finish. So Fresh And Untouched, Yet So Familiar. So Talented And Full Of Mathematic Oddness, Both So Massive Energetic And Injected With Adolescent Soul. So Fucking Hard Hitting And Complex Riffing So You Better Stand Against A Wall, Because This 3 Piece Will Break Some Bones. You Will Feel As Excited As You Did When You Found Yourself In That Riot. For The First Time Ever. -It Is Chaotic, You Can’t Really Tell What’s Happening, Then You Gradiently Blend In And Follow The Rhythm Of The Mayhem. You Don’t Turn Around. Hoods Up, Balaclavas Down. The Atmosphere Is A Rampaging Catalyst. Suddenly You Have The Power To Smash Windows. Things Are Out Of Hand. You Are Throwing Rocks With One Hand, Yelling, And Screaming Against The Enemy With The Other. You Are Intoxicated By Exciting Euphoria. It’s Calming Down. But It’s Just A Silent Second When The Violent Waves Pull Back And Reform So They Can Hit Tsunami Hard Next Time. You Are Caught In A Vacuum Outside Your Own Control. Then You Breathe Deeply And Get Ready For The Tear Gas. And Just In The Moment When You Hear The Police Dogs Coming Closer As A Trembling Hurricane, You Drop To The Ground And Press Play One More Time.